Your makeup can always bring out the best version of you!

💄 Makeup Artist 🎨 Actress & Comedian 🎭 Traveler 🌴 Foodie 🍝 Cocktails as much as possible 🍸 Mother of 3 little ninjas, Happy wife️ with a lucky life. Limbo (Limor Aloni) is all that and more – but most importantly – she’s all about the makeup and beauty!

Her burning passion and talent for the art of makeup have allowed her to touch the faces – and hearts – of thousands of women, and have taken her through all the colors of the makeup world – from private customers, brides, celebrities, models, film, TV, theater, movies, beauty contests, fashion shows and fashion weeks (many in which she was Key Makeup Artist), up to National Education Manager for a global prestigious beauty brand – where her inspiring talent earned her the nickname Limbo (short for Limor the Boss).

Limbo decided that it was time to share this vast knowledge and her passion for beauty with women everywhere. Knowing how demanding a beauty routine can get, and having to uphold her own routine while juggling career and family, she envisioned a makeup & skincare brand that would empower and help women maintain their femininity and look their best anytime, anywhere!

In 2019 she launched LIMBOSS – a unique collection of high-end products that blend a glittering trendy cocktail (she loves those!) of her skills and expertise, artistic and creative talent and first-hand understanding of what women want and need from their beauty regime.

LIMBOSS – a brand created by one woman to share her extensive knowledge and love of beauty with women around the world, was established in 2019 as a beauty label with a vision – to empower women to look fantastic and love their look, wherever they are and whatever they do – just like her.

LIMBOSS offers stunningly trendy, practical, high-grade skincare & makeup products created to let women everywhere express their unique beauty and feel good about themselves! Just like an elite fashion house is committed to uncompromising design and quality – LIMBOSS develops and designs every single product to provide you with a mouthwatering top-quality makeup wardrobe! We hand pick the best quality ingredients, purest pigments and natural complexes and formulations that have been proven by research to be beneficial to your skin!

Our products are gorgeously encased in our signature rose-gold, like pieces of makeup jewelry, just opening any of our prestigious products unleashes the magic within and brings out the beautiful and alluring femininity in you! Our packaging technology ensures you get to enjoy your LIMBOSS products to the very last drop with absolute hygiene and maximum longevity!

And it gets even better! We do it all completely cruelty free and vegan friendly – so you never have to choose between being your most beautiful self and upholding your ethics!