Limor Aloni Segal (Limbo), founder of LIMBOSS Beauty Singapore, is a luminary in the cosmetics world. With a rich background as an international makeup artist, Limbo infuses artistry and passion into her brand, empowering individuals through makeup mastery. Let’s explore her world, unveiling the secrets behind her renowned beauty line.

Multi-talented Limor Aloni Segal (Limbo) has created cover looks for private clients, brides, celebrities, models for film, TV and fashion events to establishing herself as an actress and comedian.

Limbo’s journey began with a love for creativity and a sharp eye for aesthetics. Through years of working with diverse clients, she perfected her craft, understanding how to enhance each person’s natural beauty. This expertise laid the groundwork for LIMBOSS Beauty, where every product reflects her commitment to quality and innovation.

At the core of LIMBOSS Beauty is an ethos of innovation. Limbo collaborates with top chemists to create cutting-edge formulations, from vibrant eyeshadows infused with skin-loving ingredients to the groundbreaking FIRST IN THE WORLD STILETTO SPF50 LIPSTICK, offering long-lasting wear and maximum sun protection.

Understanding the importance of versatility, Limbo’s line features shades and formulas suited to a diverse array of skin tones and preferences. Whether you seek a natural daytime glow or a glamorous evening look, LIMBOSS Beauty has you covered.

Expert Tips and Tricks: Drawing on her years of experience, Limbo shares some insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of her products:

Skin in Crisis? Don’t Stress! Here’s Your SOS Solution!: Beauty Drops are highly versatile and customizable. Mix a few drops with your Supermodel Skin SPF50 Day Cream or Little Black Dress SPF50 Foundation for sheer to medium coverage, or layer them directly onto the skin for a more intense look.

Use Beauty Drops Vitamin E for a hydrating boost to your skin
Use Beauty Drops Brightening for immediate brightening results
Use Beauty Drops Hyaluronic Acid to replenish your skin with much needed hydration
Use Beauty Drops Radiant for instant radiance

Use a small brush or the tip of the Velvet Touch Blending Sponge to apply Beauty Drops directly onto areas that need extra coverage, such as blemishes or dark spots. Blend gently for a seamless finish.

Use Velvet Touch Blending Sponge to blend liquid makeup product onto the skin for a pore-less finish

To brighten and illuminate the under-eye area, mix a drop of Beauty Drops with your Cover Me Up – Concealer. The lightweight formula will help to hydrate and blur imperfections while adding a subtle radiance.

 A rich & velvety concealer that fully covers all those little blemishes that get in the way of your flawless beauty!

Limor Aloni Segal (Limbo), the visionary behind LIMBOSS Beauty Singapore, invites us to unlock the full potential of her products, ensuring that every makeup application is a seamless and radiant experience.