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LIMBOSS Accessories Luxury Collection

Even if you have the trendiest makeup in your collection, they won’t produce the glorious results you’re expecting without proper, high-quality tools. And who’s best to ask about the best makeup brushes and pro-tips than our founder & CEO, Limbo, who has deep understanding of what women want and who have years of professional experience working with thousands of faces working closely with an extensive lineup of the best brushes for the face, eyes, lips, and cheekbones?



Look right here for the best tools just like your own personal magic wand, created for you and all your beauty needs! Streaky makeup and dirty fingers will now be a thing of the past.

Brush 140 – Small Angle Brush

For filling up brows, creating your own unique eyeliner, lining your lips and much more!

Create precise lines and strokes to flick a purrrr-fect cat-eye like a pro with the help of Brush 140 – Small Angle Brush.

This multi-purpose slanted brush with a high-count of stiffer hairs gets a lot done for you – its thin tapered tip helps you wing out your gel eyeliner, shaping and elongating eyes with precision and ease. It’s also great for outlining and filling eyebrows and lips!

Limbo’s Pro Tip: “For a more defined and dramatic look, I wet this brush with my SUIT ME UP setting spray and use with eyeshadow to create my own unique eyeliner.”

Brush 132 – Small Eyeshadow Brush

For smoking out eyeliner, created defined shadow lines, placing and smudging deeper color and placing highlighter on the inner corner of eye

Sometimes less is more and when it comes to this little brush you definitely get more! Its short, dense hair and subtly tapered shape give extra precision for smoking out eyeliner, creating defined shadow lines and placing and smudging deeper color in detail.

Limbo’s Pro Tip: “This brush is fantastic for gently and accurately placing highlighter on inner corner of eye.”


Brush 112 – Small Powder – Precision Brush

For polishing touches to highlight and precisely sculpt cheeks, nose and other hard-to-reach small areas and much more!

Everyone knows that a pro-brush can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary! This little powder perfecter lets you achieve those polishing touches for highlighting and sculpting of cheeks, nose and other hard-to-reach small areas, taking your look to magazine-worthy flawlessness!

Limbo’s Pro Tip: “I sometimes use this brush with cream blush formulations for precision application on the apples of the cheek.”

Brush 122 Blending Eye Brush – Long Hair

For blending out eyeshadow crease and socket lines, placing product evenly, blending eyeshadow for professional smokey look and applying concealer under eyes

This long-haired rounded blending brush picks up pigment and snugly slides into eye crease and socket lines to evenly blend product.  Its softly domed head helps you seamlessly blend your eyeshadow for a professional smokey look. It’s also great for applying corrector to fully hide dark areas under eyes.

Limbo’s Pro Tip: “I also like to use this brush for seamlessly blending concealer.”

Brush 104 Multi-Purpose Makeup Brush

For applying foundation to powders to serums and moisturizers and much more!

A brush you can always count on for all around beauty support! A must-have multi-purpose brush you can use with your favorite dry and wet beauty products. The extra high-density and cloud-soft  brush helps you apply foundation evenly for full coverage and sculpt like a pro for an airbrush- flawless look! 

Limbo’s Pro Tip: “ I like using this brush to apply serum and moisturizer so that every last drop works for me, and at the same time the soft hairs gently and deliciously massage and invigorate my skin.”

Velvet Touch Blending Sponge

Sure, Velvet Touch Blending Sponge technically isn’t a traditional brush, but it’s one of the best makeup applicators! This makeup sponge can be used wet or dry to blend a multitude of beauty products, including cream blushes, liquid foundation, and more of your favorite base products onto the skin for a smooth, pore-less finish.

This fluffy soft, edgeless and reusable sponge applicator helps creates high-definition application and helps blend make-up to perfection to achieve ultimate flawless finish!