Discover best-selling treasures, assured to delight everyone on your list

Celebrate the year’s most magical moment with our extraordinary gift collections! A LIMBOSS gift for every moment – delivered with the most thoughtful details in mind for you to impress your dearest.

Explore the ultimate holiday gift guide full of treasures for everyone on your list.

🎁 For Gifting – Diamond Powder, Skin Accessories Glow, Stiletto SPF Lipstick, Exotic Lips – Lip Gloss, Slim & Thin Eyeliner

For the #LIMBOSSGirls in you or on your list who live for makeup, champagnes and all things beautiful, dazzle with our Diamond Powder – seductive & sparkling jewels to glamorize make-up, flick the perfect sassy cat-eye with our Slim & Thin Eyeliner, light up with our Skin Accessories Glow illuminating primer, indulge in our signature Stiletto SPF50 Lipstick to stand out from the crowd, and top it all off with Exotic Lips – Lip Gloss for some luscious looking and inviting lips to impress this holiday season!

❤️ For Love – Beauty Drops Radiant, Little Black Dress SPF50 Foundation, Silk Powder Highlighter, Lipstick, Exotic Lips – Lip Plumper

Impress the love of your life with a LIMBOSS collection to get her ready for a festive date night!

Indulge her with our Beauty Drops Radiant to light up her face, dress her up with our Little Black Dress SPF50 Foundation, complement the makeup look with Silk Powder Highlighter for a supermodel finish for all photo-perfect moments on the date night and complete the makeup look with our Stiletto SPF50 Lipstick and Exotic Lips – Lip Plumper for luscious and juicy plumped pout which you can’t resist to kiss her on the special date night of yours!

🤱For Mom – Beauty Drops Vitamin E, Suit Me Up Hydrating Spray, Supermodel Eyes – Eye Cream, Skin Accessories Moisture, Stiletto SPF50 Lipstick

Moms are the world’s unsung heros and they deserve the best even when she says she has everything. She deserves the perfect and meaningful gift this Holiday season and LIMBOSS has a beautifully curated set just for her!

Gift Moms with the Beauty Drops Vitamin E to take care of her delicate skin with the best nourishment. Suit up her skin with Suit Me Up Hydrating Spray to quickly refresh her skin on busy days or can also be used as a versatile spray to set and enhances makeup. Indulge her with the Supermodel Eyes – Eye Cream which gently massages her delicate eye zone and instantly hydrate the skin around the eyes. Followed with Skin Accessories Moisture to instantly hydrate and smoothen any fine lines for her to look perfect all-day long. Top it all off with an irresistibly gorgeous Stiletto SPF50 Lipstick in her favourite shade for her to feel confident and radiant while protecting her lips with our revolutionary lipstick with the maximum SPF protection!

👨🏽For Men – Sleep On It Night Cream, Beauty Drops Vitamin E, Eye Cream, Unisex Brows Wax, Skin Accessories Matte

For the important men in our lives – super-daddies, doting husbands and boyfriends and the best, loyal guy friends who are so tough to shop for, this LIMBOSS gift set is definitely fail-proof.

Treat him with the best care for his skin – Sleep On It Night Cream for an overnight nourishing treatment to sooth and restore his skin, followed by Beauty Drops Vitamin E to nourish dry patches or use as an after-shave treatment and Supermodel Eyes- Eye Cream for a miracle 2 in 1 treatment to nourish, massage and treat the delicate skin around his eye zone. 

For them to look polish and kept, gift them with a Unisex Brows Wax for neat and perfectly feathered brows. For a flawless complexion, apply Skin Accessories Matte for maximum all-day sjine control for your men to look polished and attractive!

👰For Brides – Skin Accessories Moisture, Diamond Powder, Cover Me Up – Eyeshadow Stick, Lip Pencil, Lipstick

For all the beautiful brides-to-be, help her prepare for the special day of their lives with Skin Accessories Moisture to hydrate and soften her skin to dial up her complete look! Bedazzle her with Diamond Powder seductive & sparkling jewels to glamorize make-up for her to shine bright like a diamond on her big day, Cover Me Up – Eyeshadow Stick which is a magic eye wand which can be used as an eyeshadow base with strong hold or for a quick touch-up and complete her look on her BIG DAY with our signature long-wearing Stiletto SPF50 Lipstick saturated with luxurious colour that lusciously shape her lips and Dressy Lips – Lip Pencil to line her sexy and irresistible pout!

🏖️ For Vacationers – Beauty Drops Hyaluronic Acid, Supermodel Skin, Skin Accessories Matte, Supermodel Eyes – Eye Cream, Exotic Lips – Lip Gloss

For those who are spending their holidays on a vacation or for frequent travellers, this holiday skincare and makeup collection is a must-have to look perfect anytime!

A gift of nourishment and protection, the Beauty Drops Hyaluronic Acid to replenish skin with much needed hydration especially during weather changes for skin to look perfect all the time followed by Supermodel Skin SPF50 Day Cream to moisturize and protect skin with the highest UVA and UVB protection. For picture-perfect selfies, use the Skin Accessories Matte as a primer for all day shine control which also smoothen skin for makeup application. Top off the look with Exotic Lips – Lip Gloss for high shine and luscious lips during the trip!

Make it a December to remember with LIMBOSS. May this holiday be a magical and blissful one from us to you!